Bootstrapping PXA27M modules

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Setup your system

Ubuntu linux

    • Install it!

A SVN client

sudo apt-get install esvn

TFTP server

sudo apt-get install tftpd-hpa

Checkout Telem-GW6 from SVN

mkdir Telem-GW6
cd Telem-GW6
svn checkout svn://

Install Development environment

sudo ./Bootstrapper --install

Set up minicom

sudo minicom -s
  • Serial port setup
    • 38400 8N1, No flow control
  • Modem and dialling
    • clear Init string
  • Save setup as..
    • name as gw6uboot

Loading software to GW6

  1. Copy necessary files to your tftp directory
    • The root file system (rootfs.tar.gz)
    • Kernel files (smb://phobos/d/3_Tehniline/1.Tarkvara%20müügiks/GW6/Gw6%20Main%20Module/bootstrapping)
  2. Start bootstrapper script
    • Under Ubuntu double click, run in terminal
  3. Load kernel and filesystem.
    • It will tell you if you need to update the MAC address of the module
  4. Disable upgrade