Connect to GW6 over SSH

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Since version 1065 we disabled FTP and now use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

SFTP'ing into device with password

Since Windows doesn't have a built in SFTP client you need to download one.

For example: WinSCP, FileZilla

If you do not have administrative privileges to install software on your computer, then download "Portable executables" of WinSCP

WinSCP session settings
Option Value
Host name IP address of GW6
User name martem
Password Xooviet0
Protocol SFTP
Allow SCP fallback true

Setting up passwordless login

  1. Create yourself a public RSA key
    1. Linux
      1. ssh-keygen -t rsa
    2. Windows
      1. puttygen
  2. Send the public key to device
    1. Linux
      • scp
  3. Add your key in .ssh/authorized_keys
    1. Log in to device
      1. Linux
        • ssh martem@
      2. Windows
        • putty
    2. List all files and directories in current folder
      • ls -la
    3. Create directory .ssh if it doesn't exist
      • mkdir .ssh
    4. Copy your public key to authorized_keys file
      • cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys
  4. Done.