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GWS Setup | Faili ajalugu

Just start the GWS.EXE, if you don't need to configure the Telem RTU modules (menu item "Device/RTU modules").

If you wish to configure also the Telem RTU modules with GWS.EXE and you haven't installed our Telem Data concentrator software (Telem-2000), then you need to follow the items below.

1) Start GWS_&_RTU_Modules.BAT which copies the files to your C disk

2) If the BDE is not installed to your computer (Check the presence of "BDE Administrator" on the Control Panel) then: - Start the Setup.exe in BDE32_Setup folder

- If the BDE Administrator does not appear on the Control Panel, then restart the computer

- If you have the Windows Vista, then follow the instructions in "Configuring the BDE for Vista.pdf"

3) Add to BDE the needed database descriptions: - Open the BDE Administrator from the Control Panel - Choose from menu "Object/Merge configuration" and merge the C:\BDE32_Setup\Add_to_IDAPI32.CFG