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TELEM-GPRS Application notes


Power input 10 to 72 Vdc isolated from case

COM port (full modem) - isolated from case and power input circuitry.

Modem is powered up automatically after receiving input power.

Main version with I/O connector

  • 6 digital inputs (wet), voltage 4Vdc, max current 4 mA
  • 4 relay outputs (dry contact) max 1A 24Vdc

Version with one additional digital input

(manufactured only as exception) 1 relay output replaced with digital input

  • 7 digital inputs
  • 3 relay outputs

Version for use with Li-battery power

Two Li-cells 3.6 V 13Ah in series (7.2 V, sleep mode current approx. 150 uA).

Modem powering up with digital input signal.

  • 6 digital inputs (4 with powering up capability), voltage 4Vdc, max current 40 uA
  • 4 relay outputs