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M501 Default Settings

Setting default ver<1190 ver>1190
Default IP
Login root root martem
Password root reH3epea Xooviet0

Software upgrades for Linux


  1. Login with SFTP
    • If you're using a new M501 board, use the details above
    • If it's a configured RTA-A then use the IP you have configured to the device.
  2. Overwrite the contents of /mnt/disk
    • If it fails, try again.
      • If RTA-A resets during the copy process, you might need to use as the FTP IP address
      • Try again
  3. Allow execution permissions for this files
    • /mnt/disk/usr/local/bin/telem/
      • chmod +x /mnt/disk/usr/local/bin/telem/
  4. Wait ~30 seconds, so everything is written to flash.
  5. Reset RTA-A
  6. Wait ~30 seconds until RTA-A starts, if not running by then, update failed.

Enabling NTP

In order to enable NTP client or server user needs to create ntp.conf file in folder /disk/etc and reboot the device. This can be than with commands echo and reboot, for instance:

root@Telem-RTA-A />echo server burst iburst > /disk/etc/ntp.conf
root@Telem-RTA-A />reboot

After the reboot RTA-A starts to sync with server at IP address

Inorder to enable time server at RTA-A lines like these need to be added to the ntp.conf

# Provider services from local clock
fudge stratum 10

Description of ntpd can be found here homepage for NTP is here [1]. Linux man page for ntp.conf can be found here [2], description of ntpd can be found from here [3].

NTP can be disabled by deleting the file ntp.conf from the RTA-A

Delete everything inside RTA-A

Log in with SSH and execute the following commands

chmod -x /mnt/disk/usr/local/bin/telem/
rm -rf /mnt/disk/{.directory,PACKED,VERSION,README.txt,home,log,root,update,usr,var,lib*,rootfs.txz,config.xml}

Now when you run df it should show ~40%


After this, follow the update guide