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RTA-XA is a new extended version of RTA-A - NOT IN PRODUCTION

RTA-XA is based on Voipac's i.MX53 Controller.

RTA-XA has 2 HW versions - ver.A (main) and ver.B (optional). Versions have different front panels.

Both have 32 LED's for main digital inputs status indication, one bi-color LED for device status indication and one acknowledge button.

Ver.B has six additional multi-purpose buttons with their status LED's.


  • Concentrated data acquisition and control using different communication protocols

5 serial ports: one RS232 full-modem port galvanically isolated; one RS232/485 (4-wire); one RS232; one RS232/GPS and one RS485 (2-wire) galvanically isolated port.

Ethernet port.

  • Analog signal measurements

Six quasi-differential inputs with following HW factory configurable parameters:

1. Ground - real (power source low "-" level) for unipolar measurement or virtual (approx. +1.5V) for bipolar measurement.

2. ADC input range 0...3V.

3. Current measurement with shunt resistors 100 ohms (+-10 or 20 mA range) or 200 ohms (+-5 or 10 mA range).

4. Possibility to configure one input for voltage measurement (with restrictions).

Note: Not all HW configure possibilities have firmware and configuration SW support!

  • Digital contact and acquisition of pulse counting info

32 main digital inputs + 2 additional (on the controller board), all optically isolated.

  • On/Off control functions

8 x 2 digital outputs (dry contacts).

  • "Execute" signal output (dry contact)
  • Time synchronization using GPS
  • Analog outputs for control (optional)

2 outputs 4...20 mA

  • IFR output (dry contact)
  • Power input from 10 to 72Vdc
  • Temperature sensor (1-wire) input.