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MarkTomm 31. oktoober 2017, kell 15:41 (EET)

This section applies to GW6e and GWM.


telem-app functionality can be tweaked via command line arguments and config files

All arguments

Argument Default value Description
help N/A Show help message
conf-path /etc/telem-gw.conf Configuration file
no-watchdog N/A Disable watchdog
conf.xml.path /usr/local/etc/telem/config.xml Path to XML setup file
hw-conf path Hardware configuration file
conf.bin.path /usr/local/etc/telem/gwSetup.bin Binary setup file
conf.log.path /usr/local/etc/telem/log-conf.xml Logging configuration file
path.root / Path to virtual system /
path.sys.bus.w1 /sys/bus/w1/devices Path to /sys/bus/w1/devices
www.path /var/www Path to WWW dir
svg.screens.path /var/www/svg/screens Path to SVG screens dir
db.backup.path /var/local/telem/object_backup.xml Path to object backup XML file
db.sync.interval 00:01:00 Database sync interval
conf.user.path /etc/telem-gw.user.conf Configuration file provided by user
dsp.timesync.receiving bool Allow receiving of timesync from DSP
ssl.server.keys.path /etc/ssl/private Path to SSL server key directory
ssl.server.cert.path /etc/ssl/certs Path to SSL server directory
ssl.bin /usr/bin/openssl Path to openssl binary
log.var.path /var/log Path to var log
log.telem.path /var/local/telem/log Path to log telem
sms.local.path /var/local/telem/sms Path to local sms directory
var.telem.path /var/local/telem Path to temporary /var/local/telem directory
sms.temp.path /tmp/sms Path to temporary sms directory
cmd.path /var/local/telem Path to cmd file directory
log.root Gateway Root logger name
conf.xml.custom.path /usr/local/etc/telem/custom.xml Path to custom XML setup file
timezone.default EET+2EEST+1,M3.5.0/03:00:00,M10.5.0/04:00:00 Default timezone for application
www.custom.path path Path to XML setup file
www.port.debug.path path Path to file where webserver port number will be put
thread.count 2 Thread count for io-service thread group
feature.list.path /var/local/telem/enabled_features GWS check for available features via this file
channel.sleepms.default 1 Default channel sleep in milliseconds (1..20)
portio.sleepms 1 Portio sleep in milliseconds (1..20)
nice 0 Default nice value (0..19)
latitude 59.411780 Device latitude
longitude 24.684477 Device longitude
watchdog true Is Watchdog enabled
watchdog.util true (deprecated) Use external watchdog utility
watchdog.interval 00:00:45 System watchdog kick interval
watchdog.vpath /tmp/.telem_watchdog Virtual watchdog path /dev/watchdog (deprecated) Watchdog device path
protocol.icmp.config-path /etc/pinger/ Pinger configuration path
protocol.icmp.procfs /tmp/pingers procfs directory for pingers
ordercode.batterypowered.path /var/local/telem/ordercode/battery_powered If file exists, device will be in battery powered mode
protocol.session.max-length 00:30:00 Maximum session length
protocol.session.retry-period 00:15:00 Session retry period
protocol.session.keep-alive 00:00:30 Session keep-alive
protocol.session.connect-timeout 00:05:00 Connect timeout
protocol.session.period 24:00:00 Next retry after successful session
protocol.iec101b.tdc-workaround true IEC101-balanced TDC workaround
protocol.iec101b.dfc-delay 0 IEC101-balanced DataFlowControl delay
protocol.iec104.k 12 Write depth (1-32767sec)
protocol.iec104.w 8 Unacked read depth (1-32767sec)
protocol.modbus.sequential-poll-cnt 15 How many objects should be polled from modbus before issuing protocol change on channel
filter.integral.recalc-period 10 How frequently should the interval(@ai, @di) recalculate itself in seconds")
filter.integral.recalc-start 120 When should interval recalculations start after app init in seconds
protocol.periodical-gi.offset 00:05:00 GI offset every hour or interval if protocol.periodical-gi.use-interval is true
protocol.periodical-gi.use-interval false Use interval value for GI instead of offset
xml N/A XML enabled
new-setup N/A Use new setup

Config file

The easiest way to add/override configuration options is to modify the /etc/telem-gw.user.conf file

This config file is checked by telem-app by default without any additional command line arguments

Enable Periodical GI with predefined time interval

Add the follown lines to /etc/telem-gw.user.conf:


This will indicate to telem-app that it should do a Periodical GI every 2 minutes instead of every hour at 00:05:00.

If protocol.periodical-gi.offset is left out, then the default value of 00:05:00 is used.

If protocol.periodical-gi.use-interval is not set, then Periodical GI is done every hour at value assigned to protocol.periodical-gi.offset. E.g. in case of default 00:05:00 Periodical GI will be issued every hour at xx:05:00.

NB! This feature is available in firmware starting from 2017.09.05

Change Integral Filter recalculation interval

Add the follown lines to /etc/telem-gw.user.conf:


to change to 1 second (10 is default)

NB! This feature is available in firmware starting from 2017.10.31


Use case: If for example by some invalid logic or fault in telem-app some AI values end up as NaN all the time. And restart or clear buffers does not help.

To fully remove all object info from telem-app in device SSH to the device, switch to root user and do the following steps:

$ /etc/init.d/S81telem stop
$ rm -f /var/local/telem/object_backup*
$ /etc/init.d/S81telem start

Note that rerunning telem app from command line like that renders upcoming console.log files unreadable for martem user. To alleviate the issue run the following as root:

$ chown martem:gws /var/log/telem/console*